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We believe that sharing our faith with others is an essential part of both introducing others to Jesus and following Him together. Here at Lifespring, we encourage every person to be a part of our outreach strategy: praying for, investing in, and inviting people to take steps toward Jesus.

You are far more likely to share your faith if you are closely following Jesus yourself. While many people thinking of sharing their faith as an awkward and scary sales pitch, this is not what sharing your faith should look like. Jesus called his followers to be witnesses, which simply means sharing with others what you have seen and experienced. The closer you are following Jesus the easier it will be to share what you have seen and experienced.

We all have people that we come into close contact with every week; our friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. For many of these people, your relationship may be the best chance they have to hear about Jesus. We encourage our people to look for three cues in the language of the people you come into contact with as a signal that God might be preparing an opportunity for you to share your experience with Jesus. Those three cues are:

  1. I'm not prepared.
  2. Things aren't going well.
  3. I'm not from here.
Whenever you hear a variation of those words come out of the mouth of the people you are with, God might be providing you an opportunity to share your faith.

At Lifespring, we want to partner with you in introducing those closest to you to Jesus. We strive to create environments that will be understandable to all, no matter their church background or lack thereof, and centered on Jesus. Do you know someone who you are praying for and investing in that you would love to encounter the love and grace of Jesus? We would love to meet them! Invite them to check out our website or social media pages, or join us in person!